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Winter 2010

AMM Celebrates 20th Anniversary as an Amalgamated Life Affiliate

Alicare Medical Management (AMM) is now recognized as one of the premier care management organizations in the United States. This story highlights how AMM has grown and diversified as an affiliate of Amalgamated Life.

President’s Message

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Claire Levitt, MS
AMM President

At Alicare Medical Management (AMM), a primary objective is to promote wellness and care management programs that improve both clinical and financial outcomes. This article highlights some of the issues associated with consumerism and health care in terms of finding the right balance.

Message from AMM's Medical Director

Inline Image Bernard M. Bettencourt, Jr., D.O., M.P.H., F. A.C.E.P., CPE
AMM Medical Director

In this article, Dr. Bettencourt highlights some of the parallels of good team work in an Emergency Room and his role as Alicare Medical Management’s new medical director. The AMM clinical team through case management, triage, wellness, and other programs is often the most helpful resource that an individual or caregiver might have to support a patient’s needs over a period of time. Simply put, AMM becomes the safety net to make sure someone is not falling through the cracks in the healthcare system.

AMM’s Nurse HelpLine Provides a Convenient Way to Get Critical Medical Information When You Need It Most

Inline Image Julie O’Brien, BSN, RN, MS
AMM Vice President

Over two million people have accessed AMM’s Nurse HelpLine. In recent months, AMM has experienced a significant increase in the number of individuals calling in for health advice and support. Through AMM’s experienced registered nurses, patients and health care groups can access AMM’s HelpLine through an assigned toll free telephone number anytime and where -- 24/7. This story highlights some of the key ways that AMM’s Nurse HelpLine can make a difference in your life.

H1N1 Swine Flu: Questions & Answers

Inline Image According to the CDC, the influenza activity continues to widespread throughout the United States. For example, the H1N1 strain has shown up all 50 states. Nationwide, visits to doctors for influenza-like-illness are higher than expected for this time of year. But what is the true story behind the H1N1? This article, in a Q&A format, helps take the mystery out of what many call the H1N1 swine flu.

Guest Column: The Impact of Social Networking on Case Managers

Inline Image Garry Carneal, JD MA
President & CEO, Schooner Healthcare Services
AMM Consultant

With 2.5 billion text messages being sent in U.S. every day, texting has now become the most prolific form of mobile communication in the United States, overtaking cell phone calls. This article provides a brief overview of how case managers and their patients can leverage emerging new communication and social networking platforms to improve connectivity and clinical outcomes.