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Alicare Medical Management Enhances Patient Care with LifeWIRE® Messaging

by Julie O'Brien, BSN, RN, MS
Vice President/COO, Alicare Medical Management
Julie O'Brien

At Alicare Medical Management, our approach to providing quality service is centered on patient re-admission issues as well as a comprehensive approach to managing patients. As many as 20% of patients face re-admission within 30 days of hospital discharge - a disturbing statistic. A large portion of these costly readmissions are due to a simple lack of follow-up care or a misunderstanding of the physician's discharge orders.

To help address this important issue, Alicare Medical Management has entered into a new strategic partnership with LifeWIRE, a two-way mobile text messaging service. Through this new arrangement, Alicare Medical Management aims to further reduce the re-admission rate and enhance patient communication by integrating LifeWIRE's texting service into our normal communication links. This will further enhance our ability to engage patients more effectively through a more personalized approach. Not all patients we support have access to a computer or are sitting by their phones waiting for our call; however, nearly everyone has a cell phone and can use text messaging. This partnership brings us a step closer to fully integrated care management.

As a result, Alicare Medical Management now has the ability to engage patients and track their responses through their own cell phones with interactive messages customized to their health issues. Plus, our case managers and health coaches will be able to follow-up with their patients much more frequently, allowing them to provide even more consistent care. A number of recent clinical studies have demonstrated a higher level of engagement with patients when using text messages.

LifeWIRE technology allows Alicare Medical Management nurses to customize interactions for each patient, monitor their wellness status, remind them to take their medications, help them adhere to their treatment plans and keep their doctor appointments. The messaging is configured to identify when a patient's response needs an immediate intervention as well as streamlining the response to the most appropriate clinical team member. This platform is so flexible that we can now address some of the language barriers associated with our non-English speaking patients as well. Both patients and providers now have more choice on how to stay connected through Alicare Medical Management's expanded 24/7 communication platform.

Because we want to ensure our patients and providers are receiving the best care in a manner most convenient and comfortable for them, we are continually looking for technologies, approaches and solutions that can most effectively help our patients. The introduction of LifeWIRE's platform is just one example of how Alicare continues to lead in providing an integrated solution to case management care for our clients.