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Mental Health Services Can be Hard to Come By, Despite Law Requiring Parity

Thanks to the Mental Health Parity Act, state and federal insurers are required to offer equal coverage for medical and mental health services. However, a recent report by the National Alliance on Mental Illness found that there are still several barriers to care—including one-third of respondents who said they were denied care for their mental illness because it was deemed “not medically necessary.”

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Drug-resistant Stomach Bug Causing Illness in Americans

Health officials recently stated that a “nasty” stomach bug has been imported into the U.S. This drug-resistant bacteria has sickened 243 people and causes unpleasant symptoms like diarrhea. Luckily for most people, this illness is temporary and can be treated with over-the-counter medicines like Pepto-Bismol or antibiotics.

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Spring Allergies Strike Again

More than 40 million Americans suffer from spring allergies, which began in late March this year. Many allergy sufferers experience a range of symptoms: from runny nose and watery eyes to sneezing and itchy eyes. As allergy season could last a few weeks, doctors recommend taking over-the-counter allergy medications to ease symptoms or seeing a specialist.

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