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Company Overview

With over two decades of experience and over 250 clients, AliCare Medical Management is recognized as one of the premier care management organizations in the United States.

  • A Leader In Quality

AliCare Medical Management is an established quality leader in the health care arena. Currently, AliCare Medical Management holds four separate URAC accreditations covering Utilization Management, Case Management, 24/7 Nurse HelpLine and Independent Review services. AliCare Medical Management has been accredited since 1997. AliCare Medical Management has served as a resource and beta test site to URAC and others over the years to better understand evolving trends in the care management industry.

Garry Carneal, URAC’s president and CEO from 1996 to 2005, notes that, “It was at AliCare Medical Management where I first observed an integrated care management solution which helped identify a framework to create URAC’s modular approach to accreditation. AliCare Medical Management’s commitment to excellence and quality is first rate.”

  • Clinical Expertise

AliCare Medical Management is supported by a team of nurses and physicians who participate in AliCare Medical Management’s network of care management services. This includes an independent review panel made up of over 200 board-certified physicians and specialists. In addition, all AliCare Medical Management nurses and case mangers carry advanced professional certifications. AliCare Medical Management uses evidence-based health risk assessments, clinical guidelines and treatment plans that factor in a wide variety of patient co-morbidities, which in turn standardize and improve care management outcomes.

  • 24/7 Nationwide Coverage

AliCare Medical Management’s care management is available on a 24/7/365 platform. AliCare Medical Management and its clinicians are licensed in all states that require licensing for our business, empowering us to offer a full range of care management services nationwide including “after hour” and “out of state” coverage for our clients.

  • Private Label Option

Using AliCare Medical Management’s technology solutions, clients can offer AliCare Medical Management’s services through their own company brands. Clients take advantage of the ability to private label AliCare Medical Management services to ensure a seamless and consistent experience for the client’s members while taking advantage of AliCare Medical Management’s quality-based 24/7 platform. Our flexibility in customizing services creates the opportunity for clients to collaborate with us to develop unique solutions.

  • Patient-Centric

AliCare Medical Management understands that a key aspect to promoting better health is engaging patients. AliCare Medical Management’s patient-centric approach to care management ensures that better clinical and financial outcomes can be achieved while maintaining high levels of patient satisfaction.

  • Next Generation Solutions

AliCare Medical Management optimizes its care management operations through a number of best in class technology solutions including a nationally recognized care management software application and a dynamic telephone system supporting its health call center operations. These solutions allow AliCare Medical Management to leverage technology to optimize its care management services both for clients and patients.

AliCare Medical Management has teamed up with several health care experts and organizations to launch a series of exciting new enhancements to its care management programs over the coming months. AliCare Medical Management is leading the way with new complex condition management strategies, communication portals, population stratification tools, and other innovative solutions.